Monday, February 16, 2004

Sex and the CTO!

In this enlightened age we all know that there is no correlation between a person's sex and their mental ability or organizational effectiveness. So, why is it that the ratio of male to female CTOs is 192:8. Or put another way - only 4% of CTOs appear to be women.

Where would I get such a statistic? I have conducted a very unscientific study. Basically, I executed a Google Image search of the term "Chief Technology Officer". Then I looked at the mug shots of the first 200 faces that came up. 192 of these were men, 8 were women.

Of course such an unscientific study is subject to many types of errors. But, the bias of the sexes remains clear even if the number of women is double what one search returned. 184:16 or 8% is still embarrassingly lop-sided.

Check the results yourself: CTO Mug Shots

[Note: Images that did not contain corporate executives in their official pose were not included in the count. These images included marketing graphics, newspaper articles, and dogs.]