Saturday, December 09, 2006

Magazines for a CTO

As a CTO, which magazines do I read and get the most good out of? Identifying #1 is easy - Business Week. Almost every issue contains something that I can quote in a blog, circle for future reference, tear out a page to show a friend, or pass the entire issue along. Though I am lothe to save old issues of any periodical because I can always look it up again online, there are a dozen old issues of BW under my desk just in case I want to get to them again. I also find single pages of the magazine stuffed into project folders relating to the articles. Also, the magazine always arrives on Friday and I try to finish reading it before Monday so I can move on an idea before other people.

Where does the list go from there?

  1. Business Week
  2. Fortune
  3. Business 2.0
  4. Forbes
  5. Money
  6. Inc.
  7. Academy of Management Review
  8. CIO
  9. CFO

From there the list branches into titles that I am reading in specific industries to understand new trends.


Blogger glemak said...

how about checking out infoworld which is actually aimed @ cto's and their teams...

9:34 AM  

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