Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Doblin's Ten Types of Innovation

Innovation can come from anywhere in the organization and from anyone. It is not the sole domain of a CTO, R&D department, or engineering organization. Jay Doblin has done a wonderful job of organization innovation into ten unique types. These are:

  1. Business Model - How you make money.
  2. Networks and Alliances - How you join forces with other companies for mutual benefit
  3. Enabling Processes - How you support the company's core processes and workers
  4. Core Processes - How you create and add value to your offerings
  5. Product Performance - How you design your core offerings
  6. Product System - How you link and/or provide a platform for multiple projects
  7. Service - How you provide value to customers and consumers beyond and around your products
  8. Channel - How you get your offerings to market
  9. How You Brand - How you communicate your offerings
  10. Customer Experience - How your customers feel when they interact with your company and its offerings

These ten types served as the structure for a paper on "The CTO and Innovation". This discusses the contributions that a CTO can make to innovation in all ten of these categories.

Doblin on Industrial Design and Innovation:

The Ten Types of Innovation (Copyright 2002, Doblin Inc.) are explained in more detail in his own table here.


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