Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Motorola CTO is Blogging Publicly

I just received a message from Wendy White, Motorola's Director of Global Technology Marketing and Communication, informing me that the Blog of their CTO, Ms. Padmasree Warrior, is now posted publicly. At its grand opening the Blog has 7 postings stretching back to February.

Bits at the Edge: Padmasree Warrior

CTOs and technology leaders should take note of this. Ms. Warrior is one of the few CTOs who shows up in public fora side-by-side with the company CEO. Ed Zander has allowed, encouraged, or not-discouraged Warrior from becoming a noted public face of Motorola. In one news article the author even credited Ms. Warrior with coming up with the company tag line "seamless mobility" during a plane ride with Zander.

Motorola could be one of the first big companies to tap its CTO for a top leadership position like President or CEO.

I'll be reading the Blog.


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