Sunday, March 11, 2007

CTO and Technology Leader Study

Researchers at McMasters University are conducting a study of CTOs and similar technology leaders. In their own words:

"This questionnaire is part of a research program investigating technology leadership in organizations. The highest ranking manager/executive in the organization charged with the oversight of technology is usually called the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), although some organizations use other titles such as Vice-President of Technology. For convenience we use the title CTO to refer generically to all such positions. Not much research has been done on CTO’s and the important leadership roles that they play. Neither is there much reliable information about best practices for the position. This questionnaire is being used to gather information about these issues in a sample of American, European, and Japanese companies.

This questionnaire is intended to be answered by CTO’s or those in equivalent positions and includes three short sections:
In the first part are questions about your career history. These will help us build a profile of the kinds of experiences which lead people to the CTO position. The second section asks about the tasks, responsibilities and authorities associated with your position and what you perceive to be the important trends and issues in the management of technology. The third section asks questions about the important upward and outward aspects of CTO leadership."

If you would like to participate in this study, please download the questionaire at:

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