Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Discussion with Greg Papadopoulos

During the Game Developers Conference, I had a great meeting with Greg Papadopoulos, the CTO of Sun Microsystems. We were able to explore a number of ideas for computing to support ubiquitous training applications for the military. Specifically,

  • Servers - What kind of back-end servers/services do you need to provide a source from which to deliver training applications?
  • Learning Metrics - How do you measure the impact that the training applications are having on the soldiers who are going through it?
  • Identity Management - How do you verify the identity of the person who is being trained somewhere in the world?
  • Long-haul Networking - What are the conduits that can deliver instantaneous training applications to soldiers?
  • Training Client - What software technology can effectively carry training to 500,000 people spread all over the globe?

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