Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Intel CTO Tutors the CEO-elect

Business 2.0 did a very interesting article on the CEO succession process at Intel. They select a CEO-elect before the current CEO is gone and then begin to groom him for the job. Intel's current CEO is Craig Barrett and the company has selected Paul Otellini as the person to take up the position when Barrett retires. Previous Intel CEOs have all had a technical background in engineering or a related field. But Otellini studied Economics in college and came up through the management and sales ranks within Intel. Therefore, they feel that he does not understand all of the technical details that their CEO should.

What is Intel's solution to this situation? They have asked Pat Gelsinger, Intel's CTO, to provide a number of tutorials to help Otellini prepare for the CEO position.

From the Business 2.0 article:
His main tutor? Intel chief technology officer Pat Gelsinger. "Paul will say, 'Teach me about something,'" Gelsinger says. The hour-long sessions, he adds, are "light on slides, long on discussion." Otellini says his plan for the months ahead is simple: "Work harder."



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