Sunday, July 25, 2004

Technology Impacts on Business

"Management literature is filled with examples of the changes wrought on business by the addition of technology and the creation of entirely new businesses whose primary product or service is technology. These changes have become of vital interest to companies who see technology as a means to improving their operations. They are also important to the inventors and vendors of this technology, encouraging them to identify the next product or service that customers will flock to. The term “killer app” is often used to describe the most wildly successful technologies or products. In the past, such killer apps have been the personal computer, laptop computer, personal digital assistant, Windows Operating System, word processor, Internet, electronic mail, World Wide Web, web browser, information portal, cellular telephone, and wireless messaging. Each of these has been so widely adopted that the leading providers have risen to the pinnacle of commercial success. Companies like Microsoft, Dell Computers, Palm, Research in Motion, Yahoo, Google, and Nokia have all ridden from obscurity to international prominence on the back of a killer app."

This article explores the importance of three major impacts that technology has on a business:

  1. Disruption of the current status quo.
  2. Globalization of opportunity, skill-base, and wealth.
  3. Innovation Management as an essential tool for attaining or retaining a leadership position.

Web Source: "Technology Impacts on Business: Disruption, Globalization, and Innovation Management",
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