Saturday, June 02, 2007

Management of Technology Conference (IAMOT'07)

I am just back from the annual conference of the International Association of Management of Technology ( where I spoke on the changing role of the CTO in a growing corporation. I began by introducing the 5 Patterns of the CTO (see previous blog posts) and then applying those five patterns to the different growth phases of a company. The paper describes how the "Genius" CTO who was one of the founders of the company (think Steve Wozniak at Apple or Larry Page at Google) must change his pattern of behavior as the company grows. Larger companies require a CTO that is focused on the customer experience (the Advocate); managing technology vendors (the Administrator); running an R&D organization (the Director); or participating in the strategic plans for the organization (the Executive).

As always, the entire paper is posted online - see

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any paper on role of a CTO in an offshoring/ outsourcing software development/ staffing organization?


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